This Thursday eyes the return of Boys Noize Records to Dirty Thursdays at Monastery! If anyone remembers last time they would know what they are in for this week! The two men this week on the bill hail from France! France these days is seeming to be the be all and end all of electronic music and anyone that comes out from there never ever lets us here in Australia Down! In saying that anything that comes out of Boys Noize Records doesnt let us down! The last time this night was at monastery the crowd was still begging for it on the dancefloor at 5am and I am sure that this week will be no diffrent! Plenty on that night so get in early to beat all the lines!!

Check These guys out here for a taste of what is to come on thursday night!!

Das Glow

Strip Steve

Also Have found a few tunes from the boys so feel free to enjoy!!

Strip Steve – Breakin (Original Mix)  BOMB!!!!

Das Glow – Cathedrale (Original Mix)

The night also sees Dirty Thursday Residents Baby Gee, Danny T, Domo James, Luki & Noy!!


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Destroying Brisbane!!! EDU K & ASTON SHUFFLE!!!!

This Thursday shit is going to get seriously real @ Dirty Thursdays!! Two of the biggest names in the dance music industry at the moment will be droping into town to cause some serious damage. Edu K Whilst here on his Australian tour & Aston Shuffle whilst promoting their new CD that… yes they mixed with The Bloody Beetroots will be heading up the night along with Brisbane’s best, Baby Gee, Danny T, Luki, Noy & Koochie!! This night is going to get seriously out of control, If i had to work the next day, I would be getting to the Doc right now and getting my Doctor’s Certificate  for the rest of the week, just so i can prepare my self!! Check out the video below and then as Edu K Was kind enough to give us a track to give to you all, grab that while your at it!! Alright people that is enough from us here at Projuice… Enjoy and we will see you all on the Dancefloor Thursday night!!

Edu K – Tromboner

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Dirty Thursdays Present – Wax Motif!!!

This Thursday see’s Monastery play host to Local Sydney Boy Wax Motif! Just recently finished the Good Vibes tour and a heap of fresh new tunes being smashed in our clubs as we party every week, This is going to be one crazy night! Supporting Wax Motif are Monastery regulars Baby Gee, Danny T, Luki, Noy and new comer Keen! We caught up with Wax in the week for a bit of a chat before he gets here on Thursday! Wax was also good enough to give us one of his new remix’s and a mix for everyone’s Ipod! Check It…

1. Mate we are very excited to have you coming up to brisbane to play @ Dirty Thursdays, I can see you play all over the shop down south… How often do you play up here?

I’ve played Bris a few times actually, but this will be my first time at Mono.

2. I can see you have been doing alot of work with ajax’s label “Sweat It Out”, what does the future hold in terms of Production and Touring?

I got another release coming up soon which I did with an MC called Miracle.  There some remixes and a few side projects and collabs which I’m excited about.  I just finished a track with the Savage Skulls (Dubsided/Mad Decent) when they we’re out here last week too.

3. Your fresh of the Good Vibrations tour, You must have had an absolute blast going around the country playing one of the biggest festivals of the year, What was it like touring around with all the other massive names around you?

It was pretty awesome being around the names and great to have a chat.  I could go on about it but really all the praise should go to the people who put on and work at the festivals cos they’re the ones really making it a fun time for us.

4. Out of all the Good Vibrations you played, witch one would you say stood out the most and why?

Prob Sydney cos it rained like hell and my kicks got super muddy

5. Last but not least mate, what can people expect on Thursday night? Will you be partying with all of our Dirty Thursday Regulars till the early hours?

Airhorns and maybe some music. Yeah, lets just play it by ear 😉

Itch-e and Scratch – e – Other Planets (Wax Motif Remix)

Wax Motif – Nova Mix

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Raw Sundays @ Bar 21

This Sunday brings the start of something special on the Sunny Gold Coast of Queensland. Bringing the biggest Dj’s from all over Australia weekly to a brand new amazing Club, This is somthing not to be missed! Our weekly writer Taku has caught up with the promoter of the event to get a little insight into what punters can expect from the day… Dont know about everyone out there but we here at Projuice sure are getting excited!! Go ahead and have a read and also enjoy some free music from John Glover and Luki!!

What are the goals and aims of Raw Sundays at Bar Twenty One commencing on March 14th?

We plan to be the number one destination on the Gold Coast for a Sunday session. We are looking to cater not only to people who feel like a cold beer on a Sunday afternoon, but also industry staff and people who have an appreciation for house music who love to party all night.

Which acts can the punters look forward to seeing performing at Raw Sundays in the initial weeks?

On our opening day we have Acid Jacks, Nick Galea, Luki, John Glover and Rowan P all playing – it should be huge.  In weeks moving forward, we will have acts such as Ryan Riback, Feenixpawl and Snob Scrilla performing, just to name a few.

What makes you believe that Raw Sundays has what it takes to become the premier Sunday Session on the GC?

We have a premium venue alongside premium DJ’s. Combine this with our great staff and I feel that we have all of the right ingredients to make Raw Sundays the only destination to be seen on Sundays.

Is there a particular sound that DJ’s will be told to play or will there be something for every single punter to enjoy?

We have two rooms at Bar 21. Our main room is where we’ll allow our guest DJ’s to let loose. We won’t be telling any of them what to play; after all they’re the DJ’s. We just want them each to come in and blow the roof off with their own individual sounds. The second room is the front room and in there you will hear more a chilled, vocal commercial kind sound.

The GC party scene is really thriving at the moment. As a marketing manager, what do you think is the driving force behind that?

I feel that there has been heaps of change in the Gold Coast market. Firstly, we are now seeing some hot young talent emerge locally. In addition, most of the venues are willing to fly in big names from interstate and overseas and this is really helping the scene flourish. It’s making the Gold Coast a true party destination. And, as such, this area is now known worldwide as a renowned party destination with quality venues.

Interview conducted on March 9th 2010 with Tim Shinnick, Marketing Director of Bar 21.

Artist Music!! Please enjoy and download as much as you want!!!

John Glover January Mix Tape

The Prodigy – Smack My Bitch Up (Luki Remix)

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There hasn’t been a more exciting time to catch up with Australia’s number one DJ. With award nominations, new album releases, hi-tech, digitally downloadable radio shows and a worldwide tour on the cards, tyDi steps us through a year that’s shaping up to be like no other.

“As of lately I’ve been very excited about DJing because I have so much material. Since launching this new radio show, Global Soundsystem, I’ve been getting hundreds of promos a week. These are tracks from DJs and producers from around the world who’re writing music in their bedrooms and sending it through to me to play on the show. It’s really exciting and has opened up my sets. I’ve now got this huge selection of diverse music that I never would have known about otherwise.”

Global Soundsystem has marked a new era in the way DJs will be delivering their music to fans. Received in the form of an iTunes podcast, listeners subscribe to the Global Soundsystem website and have tyDi’s show downloaded to their computer each week. But Friday 5 March will see something extra added to the mix. Ravers who attend Brisbane’s The Met nightclub are there to see the launch of tyDi’s very first live-to-air recording.

“The set is going to be recorded live to a laptop and then used for a future episode of Global Soundsystem. It’s cool, and it puts a bit of pressure on me too because what I’m playing to the crowd I’m also playing with my radio show in mind.”

But undeniably the most exciting thing coming up for this world renowned DJ is the International Dance Music Awards, Winter Music Conference in Miami. In the running for the category of ‘Break-Through DJ’, tyDi finds he can’t help but take a step back and admire just how surreal the whole thing is.

“My dream has always been to go over to the Winter Music Conference and have a good time. When I got the news that I’d been nominated for ‘Break-Through DJ’, you know, I still don’t really believe it. It’s cool to be nominated. I don’t really have any expectations but it’s going to be great to go over there and just have a really good time in Miami.”

Up against five other contestants who’re ranked as some of the biggest names in dance music is all it takes to understand just how high the caliber of the competition is. With over one million people having voted in 2009, tyDi believes it will all come down to the fans, and who’s fans support their the DJ the most.

“I’m just satisfied to be nominated amongst those names, that’s pretty cool for me. I think there’s quite a broad range of nominees in this category. There’s a guy called Gui Boratto that plays a lot deeper and a lot more minimal than I do. Then there’s Boys Noize and Joris Voorn, who’re more of a techno act. Definitely quite a broad range of selection here … which is good! I guess when the committee at IDMA decide the nominees they probably look for different acts in different genres.”

While the end of March will see end of the IDMA conference, it certainly won’t see the end of tyDi’s exciting plans for 2010.

“I’m going to let slip some breaking news. When I get back from Miami I’m going to be putting together the new Ministry of Sound ‘Trance Nation’ CD. Then I’ll be doing a big tour for it. Australia won’t miss out on me, I’ll be doing a big tour of Australia for it. But then I’m going back over to Europe, the plan is to play in both Europe and the States this year. Lots of travelling!”

Perhaps even more newsworthy though is that in-between all this travelling tyDi is going to put as much time as he can into finishing off a new album. Coming out at the end of the year, his second album aims to build on the first (‘Look Closer’, 2009), with his love for technical engineering and production taking on a new and inspiring second wind.

“I’m very excited about this new album. I’ve rediscovered my passion for producing music. It’s not that I ever really lost it, but I’m more excited than ever because I think I’ve really found my niche, my style at the moment. So… expect a pretty big album at the end of the year.”

When he was fresh out of high school tyDi enrolled in the study of Music Technology at Queensland’s Conservatorium of Music, so it’s not surprising he hones the skills to be able to produce an album all by himself. But what’s perhaps more inspiring and definitely a tell-tale sign that he’s committed to his art is how strongly tyDi believes in personally getting behind the engineering.

“I actually have a passion for the technicality of engineering. It really is a fine-tuned art. It’s very complicated in the way you engineer a track, with a lot of thought process and logic going into it. I’m just as passionate about that as I am about music. I like to be totally in control of my songs right down to the final stages, then I just get someone right at the end, a mastering engineer, to bring it up to the right level and give it a bit of compression. But it’s going to be all me for this new album, completely all me.”

Even with all these projects in the works tyDi’s confident he’ll be able to feed Brisbane it’s long overdue dosage of live performance. Tentative plans have been set to perform at least three or four times a year at The Met, keeping his live podcasts for Global Soundsystem going.

“I’m looking forward to coming back to Brisbane. I’ve been neglecting it for a while and I’ve been touring a lot, playing in a lot of other cities and other countries. It’s cool to come back and to do a three hour set… it’s very exciting and special to me.”

Thanks to tyDi and his managment they have been kind enough for us to have a free track to download!! Grab it below everyone!!

‘Fine Print’ (tyDi remix) – Nadia Ali

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Hey Now :: Serious Serious Rockstars!!

1. Well not even a year ago in Brisbane you could have asked the average punter who on earth “Hey Now” are and they probarbly would have shrugged their shoulders! Now with your residency at Monastery every month, smashing out tunes left right and center, putting on the “Hey Now Rave” and also playing cheeky gigs here and there around town that person would most likley turn around and spit your bio out by heart!! How does it feel gathering such a strong following in such a short time up here in Brisbane?

I tell you what, it completely blows our mind. The craziest thing about how quick and intense it has been is not only the reaction we’ve been getting from the crowds, but also how much Brisbane feels like home now. I honestly hate getting on the plane back to Sydney every time more and more. Everyone in Brisbane has just welcomed us with open arms and it feels incredible. Brisbane crowds just accept us completely, we feel like we can play whatever we want and people will support us by dancing.

2. Playing Sydney every weekend and now playing Brisbane every month, can you give us a comparison of how the two citys compare with eachother? Do you prefer one to the other?

I have ABSOLUTE confidence in saying Brisbane is my favourite place to play in Australia, and Monastery is easily the most fun club for me….it is my home. I think Sydney is in a bit of disarray at the moment. Too many chin strokers and wayyyy too much beef between some clubs, so childish. Brisbane just seem to naturally focus on the music and the party vibes alot more. It’s refreshing.

3. There has only been one “Hey Now Rave” up here in Brisbane and from what people have said it was a massive Sucsess! When will the next one be and Could you give us a little background on how it all originated and what the deal is with the rave?

We’ve always dreamed about putting our name behind a party that was done the way we would want to see it done, but we’ve never found the right club or time to do it. I still remember the first time we played Monastery and thinking straight away “this is the place”. That club just has such a carefree vibe about it. When Tim the amazing sexy Monastery booker suggested our own party we knew it was time. We held nothing back for the first one, we brought up a lazer from Sydney, massive LED lights, hundreds of glowsticks and flew up 2 filmers from Sydney to capture the whole thing. Hey Now played a 3 hour set that i will never forget, the crowd was so behind us there was a moshpit at times. The next one will probably be in June. We want the party to be every couple of months so when the Hey Now Rave hits…its a special occasion, and i tell you now, we have some crazy ideas for the next one.

4. What is in store for 2010 for Hey Now? Got any massive plans?

We have big plans. It’s definately going to be a busy year. We are releasing a single with Ministry Of Sound in the first half of this year that will feature Foreign Beggars from UK on vocal duty. Brisbane will play a massive part in our plans with more Hey Now Raves and the Monastery residency. The next Hey Now original record is already in the works aswell which will hopefully hit soon. Lets not forget all the remixes we will be churning out.

5. You guys are playing the Future Music After party @ Monastery wich is a massive night!! Previous years have seen line ups the size of football fields!! Have you got anything special planed as you will have some pretty big shoes to fill after the acts people have just seen at the festival?

We have a crate of brand new tunes, an even bigger crate of beers to drink and some very exclusive remixes we’ve just finished of the likes of Datarock, Pocket808 and Brisbane’s very own Luki. He’s rather attractive. I guess we’ll let this video of the Hey Now Rave explain to you what you’re in for……enjoy.

6. Any last words?

I would like to take this opportunity to pledge my allegiance to the Ratz….my family away from home. Parkie, Ria, Kempy, Joe, Ash, Timmy Bam Bam, Spaz, Pez, Sexy Matt, DJ Marshall, the Mono residents and the amazing Pers-Dog!!!

The Boys love us so much here at Projuice they have given us a heap of free music for you all to enjoy!! Download and enjoy everyone!!

Grafton Primary – Records For The Righteous (Hey Now Remix)

Cassette Kids – Freaky Sweetie (Hey Now Remix)

Major Lazer – Pon De Floor (Hey Now & Elmo Is Dead Remix)

Hey Now Rave Megamix

Last but not least here is what it is actually like when they play at Monastery… Expect this to the power of 10 on Saturday night after Future Music!!

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LNA @ Future Video!! Holy Huge!!

Check this video everyone!! Just a taste of whats going to come this Saturday!!

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